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Product Name:RH-7063F Apparatus for flexing test

Product category:Plug & Socket Test Equipment

Product Description

RH-7063F  Power cord flexing tester  (Apparatus of Bending Tester)

This machine meets standards of IEC 60884-1 Clause 23, GB 2099.1 Clause 23, VDE 0620-1 Clause 23, DS 60884-2-1DBS 1363-1,-2 Clause 19, IEC 60320-1 Clause 22, GB 17465-1 Clause 22 and UL 817 Clause 96 and so on, use for test of flexural strength of power cord and check the firmness of wire connect to the terminal of power cordwith frequency control of motor speed and fixture adjustment function, also can connect the load test.

Technical parameters

1.Power sourceAC 220V, 50Hz

2.Flexing speed10~60times /min, frequency control of motor speed.

3.Flexing angle: 0°+/-90°,adjustable.

4.Test station6-station.

5.Test center can be adjusted.

6.Auto-counter6-setsindependent count.

7.Weights: 113g284g500g10N20N, six sets of all types.

8.Size: 1050*520*1130mm
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