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RH-7078H 六工位摇摆试验机/电源线弯曲试验机/家电弯曲试验机

产品名称:RH-7078H 六工位摇摆试验机/电源线弯曲试验机/家电弯曲试验机




RH-7078H 六工位摇摆试验机/电源线弯曲试验机/家电弯曲试验机

RH-7078H 6-Station Power cord flexing tester
Product introduction
本机符合IEC 60884-1第23条,IEC 60320-1第22条,UL 817 第96条, GB2099.1第23条,VDE0620-1第23条,BS 1363-1,-2第19条等和IEC60335 & GB4706家电相关标准要求,用于AC/DC插头、连接器测试。具有变频调速(更方便),夹具位置可调,预置试验次数; 各工位独立试验、自动计数和负载电流、电压,及自动停机功能。
Model RH-7078H meets standards of IEC 60884-1 Clause 23, GB 2099.1 Clause 23, VDE 0620-1 Clause 23, DS 60884-2-1D Clause 23,BS 1363-1,-2 Clause 19, IEC 60320-1 Clause 22, GB 17465-1 Clause 22 and UL 817 Clause 96 so on. Use for flexing test of plugs and check the firmness of wire connect to the terminal of power cord,with frequency control of motor speed and adjustable fixture position and preset tesi times, independent test for each station, automatic counting and load current, voltage, and automatic stop function.
Technical parameters:
1. 适 用 性:兼容所有安规、非标插头,电线弯曲摇摆测试要求。
1. Applicability : Compatible with all standards, non-standard plugs, cable flexing test requirements.
2. 参数设置:PLC控制和摇摆角度/速率等参数可在彩色触控屏幕上设置。(面板部分无面罩)
2. PLC control and set the test parameters on the color touch screen.
3. 弯曲角度:精密步进电机控制弯曲角度:±180 °(或任意角度)连续设定,两边角度可以不对称,精度±1 °;
3. Flexing angle : precision stepper motor control flexing angle : ± 180 ° ( or any angle ) continuous setting, can not be symmetrical on both sides of the angle, accuracy ± 1 °.
4. 试验工位:六工位独立试验,弯曲角度可调及弯曲中心可调;
4. Test station: Six-station independent test, the flexing angle and center adjustable.
5. 测试速率:5~60±1 次(360°)/分钟, 变频调速可预置。
5. Flexing speed:5~60times (360°)/min, frequency control of motor speed.
6. 计 数 器:1~999999, 独立预置和独立计数;
6. Counts: 1~999999, independent preset and counting;
7. 报警功能:具有自动动检测断路及报警停机功能, 当1工位断线停止,不影响其它工位试验。
7. Alarm function : motion detection open circuit with automatic shutdown and alarm function, when a station break wire to stop , without affecting other stations test.
8. 数据处理:突然停电可以保存测试记录,以便再次通电时继续测试。
8. Data processing: all of a sudden power outage can keep records of the test, so that when energized again continue to test.
9. 试验负载:自带低电压大电流负载测试。
9. Test load: with low voltage and large current (Rated current) load test:
a) 输入电源:AC 220V±10%,50Hz/60Hz,6KVA;
a) Input Power : AC 220V ± 10%, 50Hz/60Hz, 6KVA.
b) 最大输入电流:AC 30A;
b) Max input current : AC 30A;
c) 输出电压:AC ≤6V, 精度:±5%, 六工位独立数字输出和手动调节电流值;
c) Output voltage : AC≤6V,±5% of accuracy, six-position independent digital outputs and manually adjust
the voltage value.
d) 输出电流:AC 0~20A, 精度:±5%, 六工位独立数字输出和手动调节电流值,非恒流源和在低压电流负载试验中断线可自动停机;
d) Output current: AC 0 ~ 20A, ±5% of accuracy, six-position independent digital output and manually adjust the current value , the non-constant current source and at low voltage and current load in the test break wire can automatically stop.
e) 功率因素:不可调节;
e) Power factor: not adjustable.
f) 压降测试:测试电源线L,N极端子到电线末端的电压降测试, 试验中电压降超限可自动停机。
f) Pressure drop test: test the terminal to the wire ends of L/N poles on the power cord of the voltage drop test, the test voltage drop overrun can be automatic stop.
g) 最小超限电流:≥0.2A;
g) Min overrun current : ≥0.2A.
Note: This tester can connect the external rated voltage and large current load.
10. 额定电压/电流测试和低电压电流测试各工位可自由选择,互不影响;
10. Rated voltage and rated current test, and low voltage and large current test each station are free to choose, do not affect each other.
11. 安全性能: 进口高质量电气组件,高灵敏度漏电保护系统,确保不对操作者构成潜在危险;
11.Security: high quality electrical components and high sensitivity leakage protection system ensure that no potential danger to the operator.
12. 试验夹具:万能夹具六组;
12. Test Fixture : multifunctional fixture of six sets.
13. 砝码:113g,500g,10N,20N、各 6 组(或依客户指定)。
13. Weights : 113g, 500g, 10N, 20N, all six sets ( or as requested ) .
Note: Not including copper electrodes fixture (not not need copper electrode voltage drop test fixture).

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